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HI Melbourne, meet Filmtime! We're an animation agency with brand smarts. After all, content calendars don't fill themselves.


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Story, the universal language.

Stories well told are simple, engaging and high performing. Animated story simplifies complex ideas and engages with higher conversion than any other kind of content.

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Your brand deserves creative and animation that makes it shine. Let’s create something unique and special. 2D, 3D, beautifully illustrated and animated right here in Australia.

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90% of business need video content in their marketing. Animation lets you create content with confidence. It engages and drives your marketing dollar further.

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Get rid of complexity. Reach new audiences. Increase conversions. That’s the power of animation! Our animation studio is right here in Melbourne with a team ready to help you reach your audience.

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“Having collaborated with Filmtime for over 3 years, on over 25 projects both big and small, they have not once disappointed or let our team - or our clients - down. This is rare in a service that relies on meeting hard deadlines and budgets and at the same time delivering a ‘wow’ factor that’s so vital to success. Filmtime deliver this every time! ”

Bruce Williams
Creative Director
Bastion Brands


“Creative and talented team of people that always deliver on and above expectations! They take the time to ensure a thorough brief is understand and then offer their creative ideas and flare to make it stand out from the crowd! Great team, excellent service and quality work!”

Jenny McKie
Chief People Officer
Hungry Jack's


“Filmtime has been a great partner in producing short films that explain the beautiful complexity of World Vision's work. What I particularly appreciate about Peter and his team is their careful listening to understand the customer’s need, their endless creativity in finding the right solution, and their commitment to go the extra mile for the best result.”

Evert-Jan Ouweneel
Chief of Vision
World Vision Australia


“Filmtime always leaves you looking like a pro when it is they who did all the work. Team Filmtime considers the issues that never even occurred to me and I trust them to have a plan B ready when real life disrupts the most meticulous plans. The standard of their work always exceeds expectations even when the job is small or simple. They get the most from the people in front of the camera making even the shyest of subjects feel comfortable.”

Jacques Bergh
Marketing Manager


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  • Full service, that means we write the scripts and direct the speaking parts too.

  • Animated visuals to add impact and drive engagement.

  • Can be cut down into social friendly edits.

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  • 60-90 second brand video.

  • Social edits cutdown

  • Designs, layouts, rounds of revisions

  • Broadcast quality

  • End to end production


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