You’re probably thinking, ‘How does this all work?’ And the answer is simple, we work together.


The work we create is a reflection of the time, effort and talented people here at Filmtime. Our approach focuses on collaboration with you. We will guide you through each stage, but we always look for your voice in any project we create. We think it is important to understand your business, audience, ideals and purpose.  We aren’t interested in creating generic messages. Therefore we take the time to break it down and build a creative, engaging story. In short, we’re like a couple of kids with a new Lego set. At this stage you can expect to fill in a brief that we give you. In return, we’ll give you our creative ideas and a project timeline to match.


This is where all of the fun starts. Now our plan is set, it is important that we work together to find the best outcome. By now you would have met the whole creative team, and perhaps our pot plant Keith. Your production will have it’s own Director, Producer, Editor and/or Animator. You’ll start seeing and approving visuals, sounds, scripts and talent. In no time, you’ll feel like a judge on The Voice.


We are keen to have you on set or in the studio with us as we record talent. Besides the fact that it’s really fun, your voice is really important to us. If you’re tight on time, that’s okay too. We won’t take it personally. How many sugars do you take? Because you’ll be sipping latte’s with the director and calling ‘ACTION!’ when we shoot together.


Here we focus. Post Production usually takes a couple of weeks, depending on the nature of your project. We edit at Filmtime HQ, where our editor lives off a cappuccino with three sugars. During this stage you can expect to review and approve cuts, sound effects and animation. We like to keep to a 24hr feedback policy – we have a deadline people!


Congratulations – we’ve made it! We’ve finished the project. Wow. Filmtime are great, ESPECIALLY their production genius Maddy. She’s a blast! Now it’s time to take your newly created project out to the world for your audience to see and enjoy. Show your boss, your team and anyone else you want to impress. You’ve worked hard and you’ll have something incredible to show for it.


When it’s all done you can expect a link to our ‘secret feedback page’. There are just two short questions that we’d love to ask. We love hearing feedback, the good and the bad, to help us on our future projects together. Here you’ll be answering two quick questions and planning your next project with us.

So that’s how it all works. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team. We love to chat!