A Case Study in Creativity and Collaboration with TEEG

Filmtime Media embarked on an ambitious journey with TEEG, a leader in the global entertainment sector, transforming challenges into a showcase of innovation and partnership. TEEG, with its vast network including brands like Kingpin and Time Zone across Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, and India, sought a cohesive

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Elevating Pharmaceutical Narratives with Pfizer and Filmtime Media

In the pharmaceutical industry, the journey of medicine from inception to delivery is a story often untold. Filmtime Media, in collaboration with Bastion Brands, embarked on a creative venture with Pfizer to demystify this process through the power of animation. Our project aimed to reverse engineer the lifecycle of medicine,

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VicRoads’ Custom Plates Journey with Filmtime Media

VicRoads, renowned for managing vehicle registration in Victoria, provides car enthusiasts with a plethora of custom license plate options. These range from U.S.A. and Japanese plates to Ford Mustang designs, challenging us to visually articulate the plates’ impact on vehicles, emphasizing authenticity, boldness, and craftsmanship. Embarking on a Creative Collaboration

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