Our Producers

The Heart of Your Video Project

The Many Roles of a 'Producer'.

Your video project needs a go-to person who’s on top of everything. At Filmtime, that person is your Producer.

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Our Producers are the unsung heroes, the architects of your visual narrative. At the helm is the Producer/Director, orchestrating the shoot day with finesse, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Behind the scenes, the Production Manager navigates the pre-production labyrinth, guaranteeing a smooth execution.

Our Interviewers possess the art of drawing out the best from your team, making each moment on camera authentic. Timekeepers by nature, our Producers meticulously craft schedules, ensuring your shoot unfolds flawlessly.

Do you need more people at your shoot?

In most cases, no. But if you want more people and have the budget for it, we can arrange that. Here’s why our standard packages don’t include these roles:

Producer/ Director

On the shoot day, your Producer makes sure the team has everything they need to create your videos. They oversee all the moving parts and also act as the Director. They guide the overall look of the footage and ensure everyone looks great, feels comfortable, and enjoys the process.

producer director
production manager

Production Manager

In the Pre-Production phase, your Producer works with you to create a schedule and sort out logistics. They make sure the shoot runs smoothly and stays on track.


Your team should shine on-camera. Our Producers are skilled interviewers who ensure your team members look and sound their best during interviews.



To make the most of your shoot, we stick to a tight schedule. Your Producer helps set this schedule and ensures we stick to it on the day.

Extra Camera Operators

We usually don’t need extra camera operators. If your project is complex, we can bring in a second operator.

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