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A Seamless Filming Experience

What Does a Filmtime Shoot Look Like?

The ‘Shoot Day’ is often the highlight of a project. Our mission is to make it as successful, enjoyable, and effortless as possible for you.

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The Shoot Whether you’ve scheduled a half-day, a full day, or multiple days, our Video Production Packages come with a two-person crew – a camera operator and a producer. Their goal is to make you and your team look fantastic.

Our team handles all the production details, ensuring your team looks sharp and sounds excellent in the videos we create together.

Our Team for Your Shoot

Camera Operator

Our Camera Operators are dedicated to making you and your brand shine. Using the latest equipment and techniques, they capture your brand and organization in the best light possible.


Our Producer ensures everything runs like clockwork and sticks to the schedule. They help shape the story and collaborate with everyone involved to deliver the best possible final product.

Sound Recording

While our Camera Operators typically handle sound, for more complex shoots, we might bring in a location Sound Recordist. This ensures we capture the highest quality sound.


Our Camera Operators also manage the lighting for our shoots, keeping them agile and low impact. For larger shoots, we can bring in a Gaffer (Lighting Designer) to add some extra ‘wow’ factor.


The Heart of Video Cinematography is what makes video production special. It’s the difference between a homemade video and a professional one, and it’s what makes top brands stand out from the rest.

What about the Rest of the Crew?

You might see video production quotes that look like a movie’s end credits. But we do things differently from big productions.

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