Half Day Filming Package: Elevate Your Storytelling

Embark on a cinematic journey with our Half Day Filming Package ($5390), meticulously designed for your narrative.

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In the visual storytelling realm, preparation is paramount. Our pre-production involves comprehensive planning and collaborative guidance, ensuring your vision crystallizes.

On filming day, our dedicated producer and cinematographer ensure a seamless experience with top-tier equipment for a four-hour shoot.

Post-production unfolds the magic — from media handling to editing, audio mixing, and color grading. Ideal for instructional videos, vlogs, business overviews, team introductions, product showcases, and customer reviews, our package encompasses the entire filmmaking spectrum.

Discover comprehensive support, from pre-production intricacies to post-production finesse, ensuring your visual narrative leaves a lasting impact.

1) Before Filming (Pre Production)

Complete Production Planning:
We handle all the planning for your shoot.

Creative Guidance:
We provide innovative concept development.

2) On The Day - 4 Hour Film Shoot (Production)

Producer & Cinematographer On-Site:

A dedicated producer and cinematographer for your shoot.

All-Inclusive Equipment:

We bring all the necessary filming equipment.

3) After Filming (Post Production)

1 Main Videos:
We create 1 primary videos from your shoot.

Optional Short Edits:
We may include shorter ‘snippet’ versions of your main videos.

2x Edit Refinements:
We offer two rounds of revisions to perfect your videos.

This Package is Ideal For…

Instructional Videos:
An excellent method for helping clients understand and engage with your offerings.

Knowledge-Based Vlogs:
Highlight your team’s proficiency with video blogs designed for your audience.

Business Overview Videos:
Craft a concise video to display your operations and personnel.

Team Introduction Videos:
Present your team to your audience.

Product Showcase Videos:
Highlight the advantages and features of your product with stunning visuals.

Customer Review Videos:
Share the positive experiences of your satisfied customers through review videos.

What's Included in Our Film Packages?


Our producers dive deep into understanding your organization and the objectives of your videos. We then craft a detailed production plan to bring your vision to life.

Creative Guidance: We believe in a collaborative approach to video creation. Our team provides creative guidance throughout the process, working closely with you to ensure the content resonates with you and your team.

Production Coordination: From scheduling to planning and organizing, we handle all the elements that go into preparing for a video project. Our producer ensures everything is well-coordinated and ready for an efficient filming day.

Content Design: We work with you to plan the final videos, ensuring we fully understand the message you want to convey, who your audience is, and the best way to present it. This comprehensive approach is a crucial part of our content design process.


Our two-member team will ensure a smooth filming day, equipped with everything necessary for a successful shoot.

Shoot Producer:
On the day of filming, our Shoot Producer oversees the process, ensuring we capture all the elements needed to craft stunning video content.

Our cinematographer ensures we capture beautiful visuals of your brand, personnel, and product during the shoot. This provides our editing team with a wide array of visuals to choose from in the post-production stage. They also manage lighting and sound to ensure your team looks and sounds their best.

Complete Filming Equipment:
Every Filmtime package includes all the equipment needed for standard shoots. This includes cameras, lighting, sound recording, and camera support and grip equipment.


Our team gets to work, transforming your messages into genuinely engaging video content for your audience.

Media Handling:
We manage all media and data, ensuring your footage is secure and readily accessible for our post-production team.

Our package includes all necessary editing for your project, ensuring a polished final product.

Music from Our Libraries:
We’re passionate about selecting the perfect soundtrack. As members of four of the world’s top music libraries, our packages include unlimited tracks for your online use, forever.

Audio Mixing and Color Grading:
Our package includes the final touches we add to your video, ensuring it looks stunning and sounds fantastic.

Two Rounds of Revisions:
We include two rounds of revisions in our package, allowing you and your team to fine-tune the videos to perfection.


Our post-production team provides all the necessary files to maximize your video’s impact and keeps the raw footage on file for future use.

Raw Footage Access:We provide cloud access to all the raw footage captured during your shoot.

HD Files Ready for Upload:We deliver your finished videos in an HD file format, optimized for online playback, with five additional compression options for your convenience.

Captioned Files:We believe in accessibility. That’s why all our videos come with separate SRT Closed Caption files, ready for use on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

What's Not Included in
Our Filmtime Packages?

While the following services aren’t included in our standard packages, we can certainly accommodate them if your project requires:

  • – Professional Voiceover Services
  • – On-Screen Talent
  • – Storyboard Creation
  • – Additional Crew Members (for specific technical requirements)
  • – Extra Filming Time
  • – Additional Editing (beyond the scope of the package)
  • – Advanced Motion Graphics (Note: Basic graphics are included in the packages)

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