The Filmtime Fast Cut

Our Signature Production Method

A Remarkably Simple Approach to Creating Exceptionally Good Videos

You’re looking for videos that are visually stunning, genuine, and align with your brand… and you need the process to be straightforward.

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We’ve always aimed to make the creation of ‘refreshingly authentic videos’ a seamless and enjoyable experience. That’s why we created the ‘Filmtime Fast Cut Production Method’.

We believe it’s the most efficient and effective method for creating video content for brands and organizations, and it’s designed with you in mind.

With years of experience working with top marketers and various brands and organizations, we’ve learned that scripts, autocues, and storyboards aren’t always the best approach.

In fact, the most impactful content often comes from spontaneous moments.

Phase 1: Launch

We value everyone’s time. We’re interested in the essentials, the core details of what you need. So, we ask for a concise brief (not a novel). We need to know the title of the video, the intended audience, where it will be shared, the main messages you want to convey, and the primary visuals you envision. That’s all we need to get started.

Phase 2: Filming

Next, we arrive with our camera and gear to capture everything we need to bring your project to life. This typically involves relaxed, informal chats (interviews) and additional footage that adds depth and context to your narrative.

Phase 3: The Edit

We take all the footage we’ve captured and your concise brief, and refine it into a sleek, enjoyable, and genuinely authentic video. This stage is where we craft the narrative and layout – all within the editing process.

Phase 4: The Big Reveal

This is the home stretch. We’ll make sure you’re totally happy with the video we’ve put together. Once you give us the thumbs up, we’ll get everything ready for you to share with your audience. We’ll even give you a hand getting it out there to the people who need to see it.

Choose the Filmtime Fastcut Production Method for:

  • Genuine and visually stunning video content.
  • A video production journey managed entirely by our expert team.
  • A straightforward and transparent video production experience.
  • Ensuring your team appears confident and impressive on camera.

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