The Crew That Makes Magic Happen

Gaffer? Make Up Artist? Best Boy? Clapper Loader? Creative Director?!?!

You might see other production companies with bigger crews on shoot day than ours.
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Why do we keep our crew small? It’s simple. We want to make the best video with the least disruption to your day. Plus, a big crew can make people who aren’t used to being on camera feel nervous.

We’ve worked with big crews before, and sometimes we still do for special projects. But most of the time, we prefer to keep things simple and low-impact.

Imagine your boss’s boss walking into a room full of strangers in black t-shirts to be on camera. That’s what a corporate video shoot with a big crew looks like.

At Filmtime, we do things differently. Our small team is focused on taking care of you.

What if you want a bigger crew? We can arrange that too. If you need extra help, like hair and makeup or complex lighting, we can bring in more people.

Do you need more people at your shoot?

In most cases, no. But if you want more people and have the budget for it, we can arrange that. Here’s why our standard packages don’t include these roles:

Hair and Makeup

We think your team should look like they do on a normal day. If some people want to make an extra effort, that’s fine, but we think it’s best to use their own people.
hair and makeup

Gaffer/Lighting Design

Our camera operators are experts at lighting. Most of our shoots don’t need more than what we bring with us. If we need more, we’ll let you know.

Creative Director

Our team is creative, and on the day of the shoot, your team will get direction from our camera operator and producer. So, we’re providing two creative directors in a way.


Our Producer acts as the director on the day of the shoot. We usually don’t need a separate director.

Extra Camera Operators

We usually don’t need extra camera operators. If your project is complex, we can bring in a second operator.

autocue operator

Autocue Operator

If someone needs to read from a prompter, we use an iPad. We usually don’t need a separate operator for this.

Production Manager

This work is part of the pre-production and is included in all our packages.

production manager

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