Filmtime's Guide to EDM Success

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, email marketing has become a vital tool for e-commerce brands. Rising CPM costs, algorithm changes, and IOS 14 updates have made it harder than ever to achieve profitable results through traditional advertising methods. Despite these challenges, email marketing remains one of the most ROI positive platforms available.


Why Email Marketing Works

In a recent audit of over 20 e-commerce businesses, those that saw year-on-year growth invested heavily in email marketing, ensuring that at least 20% of their gross Shopify revenue was generated through email campaigns. This guide will show you how to replicate this success with actionable steps.

The Winning Formula

The secret isn't a special campaign structure or bid strategy—it's email marketing! In this guide, we'll reveal the simple process of creating high-converting email campaigns that drive consistent growth. We'll look at a case study to illustrate the potential results.

The Power of Email Marketing

Driving sales from new customers who don't know your brand is often the hardest and most expensive type of acquisition. However, once this is mastered, remarketing to engaged audiences becomes much easier. Let's dive into the process.

The 3-Step EDM Process

The system follows a simple, replicable 3-step process:

  1. Revenue Driving Flows
  2. Brand Elevation
  3. Campaign Strategy

Step 1: Revenue Driving Flows

Revenue driving flows are automated email sequences triggered by subscriber actions. Unlike traditional campaigns, these flows deliver the right message at the right time, ensuring 24/7 engagement.

Why Revenue Driving Flows Work
These automated sequences are highly effective because they respond directly to user behaviour, increasing the relevance and impact of each message. This includes expanding welcome flows, abandoned cart reminders, and back-in-stock notifications.

Gathering UGC
You can gather UGC for little to no cost by offering real customers a free product in exchange for a video. This simple approach works because consumers appreciate authenticity and relatability in reviews.

Step 2: Brand Elevation

Aligning your email marketing with your overall brand strategy is crucial. Ensure that your emails reflect the same branding as your website and social media, using consistent imagery, fonts, and colours.

Example of Brand Elevation
Successful email campaigns align with the brand's visual and messaging strategy. This includes updating outdated designs, ensuring proper email formatting, and using sign-up forms that enhance the user experience on both desktop and mobile.

Step 3: Campaign Strategy

To improve your email marketing revenue, implement revenue driving flows, elevate your brand strategy, and develop a proactive campaign strategy. If you need help with this, book a free strategy session with our team.

Next Steps

This ad formula has been so successful that it’s inspired new services that simplify sourcing ambassadors, creating content, and editing videos. You can also join our community of ecommerce owners to dive deeper into creating effective UGC. By following this guide, you can leverage UGC to drive significant growth for your ecommerce business, just as many successful brands have done. Remember, authenticity and simplicity are key to engaging potential customers and boosting sales.